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I thought because the looper has long delay time that that could also be possible for the delay (or even pitch) algos.

I've been thinking of the same for years…

And I haven't find a reasonable explanation yet on why these modern/expensive delay/loopers pedals have a ridiculously short delay time on its maximum delay time.

See the Digitech PDS 8000 (1989?), Akai Headrush E1 (1999) and Line 6 DL4 (1999).

All these have a reasonable amount of delay time for the experimental musician, of course we are a minority, but I don't see why a looper with feedback control seems to be impossible for these big companies these days.

I'm not a DSP or an Audio Engineer (I've been studying and designing simple stuff  in the last few months, though) but as a Software Engineer I might be able to understand a technical explanation for this mystery.