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LA Keys:

Well, I should say that I have a similar problem here. Same setup: PC -> bluetooth dongle -> H9

On my side if I move the endpoint on the Control software it takes forever to transmit the new "position" to the H9. I actually can see the endpoint sloooooowly reaching the new position on the H9 control software, although not jumping or anything…

It is as if the dongle was transmitting everery single intermediate positions to the H9. I'm a programmer and would like to suggest that there's many ways to solve this. Here is what I'm thinking:

Sending the new position after the mouse click (This is after the "up" of the click) would allow to send only the final position for this endpoint and largely contribute to reduce the data traffic send via bluetooth.

Ok, so I'm seeing what you guys are seeing as well, and the solution LA Keys suggested should work. We're (more or less) doing that in other cases as well.