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Maybe I'm using strange terms because I'm using the iOS app? In the iOS app there is a button that toggles between two states "tempo on" and "tempo off" – so the pedal can set times in either BPM or milliseconds.

when i say a "non-synced" preset, I mean a preset with the button set to "tempo off." 

when i say opening at the saved tempo, i am saying that in my experience, if the button is set to "tempo on" and a preset is saved, that tempo will be recalled with the preset. 

this all makes sense to me.

what confused me was that, with the H9 set to sync to MIDI clock, the preset does not sync to the incoming clock until the clock is stopped/started again, or the tempo of the clock is changed.  

the only reason i mentioned the "tempo on/tempo off" state was an assumption that it would not sync to MIDI clock with the button set to "tempo off." 

when sending analog taps instead of MIDI clock, a newly loaded preset always syncs to the taps. 

is this by design? 

hope this is a clearer explanation. thanks!