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Grigg Haws

I figured out that the blue mode on the DMC3 will change presets, so that is cool.

I was able to get the right button on the H-9 to function for Tap, as it is normally for that anyway.

I just forgot that you have to hold it for a second to get it to go into tap mode.

So I did get it working enough to suit my needs.

I sure appreciate your well thought out response.

Can I ask another question?

with my expression pedal I can control different things like speed on a modulation effect etc.

and on some of the reverbs it just engages the high and low end roll offs, and let's me play with those.

Can I choose which parameters I control with the expression pedal?  I would really like to do just the mix on most reverbs and the same for most delays, some other things might be useful too.