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Hi again,

I just updated the OS of the H8000-FW to version 5.6. (Family modules revision 5.61, Presets revision 5.6, System ROM 5.6). I then downloaded the database from the H8000-FW to my laptop using VSig, it went straight to the location where the previous database was located – I checked the paths and the date of the file. Do I now need to re-save any presets (either system or user) so that they get "marked" by the new database? There is no way to tell which algorithms might have modules that are updated, too. Some time ago I tried to load an algorithm that had obviously an older module and it messed DSP A to the point that not even loading the MUTE program would work. I had to install a previous OS, reset to default, then the most current OS and delete the naughty algorithm so that it could work.
Shouldn't there be a utility to change them all to the most current version? Also why can't I update the OS using the serial cable (maybe through VSig again)? It seems that the functionality is already there.