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Eventide Staff

Hi Medway,

Which font are you talking about?  I can add this as something to look at.

This is actually a whole re-write of the plug-in.  We did the previous version when we first started working on Native Plug-ins and we had made some architectural decisions that didn't end up being the best.  Once we got a little better at making Native Plug-ins I decided just to redo it from scratch.  So internally it's actually much much different.  However, from a user perspective we did:

1. We added a couple presets.
2.  We re-arranged all the presets to make it easier to find what you're looking for.

3. We added the Snapshots functionality, which was missing from the previous version.

4. We cleaned up a bunch of the audio so that it sounds nicer when you're modulating things.  It should sound slightly nicer in general.

5. And we fixed a lot of bugs.  That should be about it.