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That seems to have done the trick… how does the second delay, if used, factor into this? …

In this particular preset, the 2nd delay is barely mixed in.  The tiny delay time makes its contribution into more of an added texture.  In most other presets, the 2nd delay takes on more of a presence.  More so if you run a stereo rig.

… As a rule, if, even on other algos, there's a delay 1 and a mod speed, generally, I want them to be the same value?

Always set Tempo to On.

With Tempo = Off, both Delays can be fine-tuned in milliseconds, and the percentage of Modulation Speed (some value in Hertz) is independent of that.  But when you start tapping in tempo, both delays will snap to the same value.  Any proportion in milliseconds that you had set up between 1st & 2nd delay times is lost.

With Tempo = On, the BPM changes the overall tempo, but the relationship between 1st & 2nd delays (fractional beats) is maintained.  Usually (there are exceptions to this), Modulation Speed will also change to a fraction / increment of the current BPM.  So you can sync the modulation rate with the delay times, and all of them remain proportional with tap tempo changes.