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My FX loop is in stereo; first unit in chain adds stereo processing from mono pre-amp and remains in stereo upon return. Used to be a TC G-Major, but now placing Eclipse first in loop.

I get the use of a line mixer, but even then I'm not sure that would fix my issue. If the mixer is MIDI-controllable and I can switch each effect in and out, that would work; like a Voodoo Labs GCX perhaps. Otherwise even using a mixer won't remove the Eclipse from the signal path when not in use.

But the end of the day, the 'true-bypass' or relay-bypass or any bypass options from the Eclipse still color the tone of the preamp, and I don't think it should be if it's really removing itself from the signal path.

I will play around with connecting things in different ways and see if it changes anything. I believe it was previously connected digital out to other effects, which are also all connected digitally until returning to preamp. I was just curious if it was possible that there's a global setting that's effecting things here w/o being aware of it.

Ultimately, Eventide themselves recommend connecting the Eclipse in a guitar rig using the FX loop, so it seemed like it's a setting or connection issue.