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      I've played with various options for bypassing the Eclipse when not in use, but regardless of which bypass setting, it's really coloring my tone greatly.

      Setup in my ENGL effects loop with a few other TC Electronic units.  I'm wondering if I need to restore to factory original and start over- maybe all my tweaking has saved something inadvertently.

      Anyone else experience this? I use in a guitar rig for live playing (mostly harmonizing solos and some effects here and there), but in the studio I really notice major tone altering when bypassed. So much so we just removed it entirely from the signal chain to get the tone back. And that's not a good solution long term, for sure.

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      from what i read,it seems that this is your first quality effect processor…GOOD CHOICE!!!

      but you have to spend some time learning some things(internet search is a good start).

      the Eclipse have a relay bypass,but from what i understand from what you have wrote, the problem isn't there…

      1)for such units,always use a mixer!

      the Eclipse may have stellar converters,but with a mixer that will help you keep your dry signal in parallel to effect processors,you will keep the dynamics and tone of your preamp(you wrote fx-loop right?)

      2)yes,you can use the Eclipse in mono,but since the algorithms are in stereo…you lose all the magic!

       AND…you have two ears 😉

      i suggest you to search the forums and to read on how people use a mixer at a guitar rig.


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      My FX loop is in stereo; first unit in chain adds stereo processing from mono pre-amp and remains in stereo upon return. Used to be a TC G-Major, but now placing Eclipse first in loop.

      I get the use of a line mixer, but even then I'm not sure that would fix my issue. If the mixer is MIDI-controllable and I can switch each effect in and out, that would work; like a Voodoo Labs GCX perhaps. Otherwise even using a mixer won't remove the Eclipse from the signal path when not in use.

      But the end of the day, the 'true-bypass' or relay-bypass or any bypass options from the Eclipse still color the tone of the preamp, and I don't think it should be if it's really removing itself from the signal path.

      I will play around with connecting things in different ways and see if it changes anything. I believe it was previously connected digital out to other effects, which are also all connected digitally until returning to preamp. I was just curious if it was possible that there's a global setting that's effecting things here w/o being aware of it.

      Ultimately, Eventide themselves recommend connecting the Eclipse in a guitar rig using the FX loop, so it seemed like it's a setting or connection issue.

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      i don't know a stereo guitar amp except the Diezel VH4S…

      the Voodoo Lab GCX is not a line mixer…it is a loop switcher…completely different things.

      if you use a line mixer,you will always have your dry sound and the effected signal in parallel.

      please,click articles and then guitar rack mixers:

      ^i am sure,this will help you in the right direction.

      and look at those products:



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      Nikos, I understand the differences of a line mixer and a switcher. My point is just this- the Eclipse colors the sound of my guitar when it's being bypassed, something I'm sure it's not supposed to do. It's not that this is my first 'real' processor, but I've got other units in my rig that cost 1/4 as much and when they are bypassed there is zero coloring of the signal path. 

      Just seems odd I should buy another piece of gear to allow my most expensive piece of gear to function probably. Not a money thing, just an observation. I'm not opposed to doing so since I do understand the benefits, I'm just trying to solve this issue before moving on to that one.

      The part I struggle with is I never had this issue with my old H3000 or any other unit, so I'm perplexed. I've borrowed an H9 in the same configuration and didn't have this happen. Unsure if the Eclipse just really isn't designed for a guitar rig, or if something is malfunctioning.

      It's in the FX loop of my ENGL 530 preamp- a stereo preamp that I use with a Mesa/Boogie stereo power amp.

      I'm just trying to sort out the bypassing issue. From what I've read, there should be a way to bypass the unit when not in use, but all of them are coloring the through sound when it's bypassed. It does it in my studio and in my rig. Possibly using analog in and digital out, possibly something else. Dunno; I've reached out to Eventide for some assistance.

      Thanks for the input on mixers. Will check em out with those I've looked into in the past.

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      Eventide Staff

      You don't say how you are connecting to the Eclipse. One thing to note – the relay bypass only operates on the XLR inputs.

      You will have to use Dsp bypass for the guitar input, which may give a teensy bit of coloration, depending on your guitar.

      If you are currently going in to the 1/4" inputs, you should use the XLR instead. This will need a balanced to unbalanced cable or a DI box.

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      Thanks. Your support staff gave me the same answer, so will try this. I was using 1/4" analog in and digital out previously.

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