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First,  you hit a home run with MAX, the carry over of the MAX to any other of the units we own – I can say I have about died and gone to Heaven with the H9’s I have.   That said – 


+ 1 on volume pedal.  

+ 1 on MIDI CC data stream reader being fixed so that the H9 can process closer to real time


A sample app within the iPAD structure,  we sample something,  add it to the foot pedal and trigger it.  If we want a sample, we lose something like the looper. 

A security feature – if the unit is stolen, we can log in and set the unit to taken.  If anyone loads an app and accesses the unit, it kills its functionality.

A look in feature so that if a signal coming in is affected by another H9,  the new affect will prioirtize how it will affect the inbound effect.   This is to help remove unwanted artifacts. It might only be available for more than 1 H9 – I can see the architecture is set so the upstream H9 is sending data in the audio to the downstream unit.   The downstream unit could interpret the effect in process, and slightly modify its affect on the effect.  Or not..  :o)