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In my bluetooth preferences on my iMac version 10.10.3, it shows that it's not connected (even though the Blue light is on and I toggled BT off and on again.) The only way to connect it to the iMac is to remove from preferences and then have the iMac find it again and re-pair it again. Once I do this and it shows connected, I open the H9 Control app, it asks to manually select the H9, I do by choosing "Bluetooth" and it just never finds it… instead, it disconnects in the iMac preferences; it shows "not connected" again, every time I try to use the H9 Control app. Again, it's the latested version. I am baffeled and frustrated…

Ok, it’s interesting to hear that it still will pair by going into System Preferences, but I wouldn’t expect things to work when pairing this way. Since you posted on this thread, I’m sure you’re aware of things that came up on this thread that caused other people problems: Being too far away from the computer and not using the version of H9 Control that was built for version 10.10.3 of the Mac OS, i.e. the Yosemite build. Another thing you could do that has proved helpful in the past is resetting the H9s system settings which you can do by turning it off and then turning it on again with the right footswitch and the HotKnob switch pressed (the switch in the upper left hand corner of the H9). This won’t affect your presets but it will wipe out any system settings changes that you made. If this doesn’t help, if you have any other Bluetooth capable devices handy, e.g. other Macs or iOS devices, it would be good to know if they have the same problem pairing with the H9. If they do, we’ll have to consider whether this might be a hardware problem, but since you said this problem started happening after upgrading your version of H9 Control, that’s less likely.