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It seems by now, since we’ve scrutinized the posts, that too many wishes is like wishing for a preset or a sound that they really can’t come up with – or alternately haven’t found yet – but still are very present in there already anyway. I e lack of editing the presets and maybe knowledge/understanding of how it’s done or what algorithm to use for a certain specialty effect.

It is like the people who owns the H9 (max,core etc) hasn’t really have had the motivation to probe that deep into it, to test for themselves if it’s possible or not. I e like the H9 is to big (advanced) for their boots anyway. While some of it has a nomenclature issue, i e knowing what to call a certain effect or not, I think it’s mostly due to some lackadaisical mentality towards probing deep into editing and rtfm. Which means, to a certain extent, that people are relying too much on factory presets, and if the sound isn’t there readily available, they ask for it around here, moreso like of a “preset” wish, than any new algorithm wish.

They make take they easy way out to ask for a wish, and then the replies back with that it’s already possible. Say, the compressor side of things, people forget. When you have the ducking delay or reverb, just remove all parameters of the reverb, then the Omnipressor is a sole compressor. Sure thing, it makes instant gratification to their wishes but it reveals a certain lack or interest in experimenting, programming, editing out yourself for sometime, before you’d make sure it really isn’t possible.

Or more easily, reading all posts through first. As such, I think the Eventide H9, and the other ones (factor stompboxes) are a little over the top for some people, and they’d better should steer their budget and interests towards something simpler in user interface, and lesser options, possibilities.

Is it possible to have the site consist of a user preset library, for people to upload their patches to? To give out free patches to everyone seeking this or that effect?