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LA Keys

Well, as the subject says are you aware that if you buy a Max and a Core you will end up having all the algorythms in BOTH pedals? On a side note, a suggest that if you do that Register the Max first, as it is easier to manage the algorythm this way. If you do the Core first you may have to go to the tedious process of retrieving all the algos for the Core once you will have register the Max.

This being said, the signal path should not be a problem anymore as you can “swap” the algos from both pedals… Also, Eventide will soon come up with a Dist algorythm, maybe you will then nedd 3 H9?  wink

Just kidding but in fact some of have 3 or even 4 H9…

My advice, Buy a MAX first, if you really like it buy one (or more) Core. The more Core you buy the best bang for the bucks you have. A single Max is expensive, but the total cost for 1 Max and 2 Cores make this combinations much better, considering that you will then have the equivalent of 3 Max.