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I figured this could be the issue. The feedback is also reliant on the amount of gain, just like microphone feedback i suppose. I could set different decays for each pedl i switch on but I was hoping this wasn’t a necessity…..the problem goes, i start off with a clean ‘synth pad’ sound that is suited to clean signals, yet i’ve already been conservative with the amount of decay….then i step on the boost, then the drive, then a fuzz (usually not all my pedals, but i gain-stage on my board)..

…and thus i’d need a different preset for each gain….which is needing of expression pedals or some midi looper unless i want to footdance.

Only asking because nothing else i have does this, except a broken ukrainian delay unit i was using on the wrong settings. A few EHX delays and reverbs, alesis midiverb, whatever happens to be on the PA sometimes, various cheap delay pedals too, including my own ‘shimmer’ setups using feedback loopers (with pitch and reverb) don’t do it!. I just hoped that something was wrong with the unit.