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      My space makes great sounds, but often two things are happening…

      Many patches after playing for a bit start turning into a ‘thunder’ sound that does not stop even when bypassed. I must change to another preset and back again to get it to stop. This is most prominent on shimmer, even clean sounds, but its always a given with any type of drive. Also on the modechoverb I often get a very high pitched feedback, like ultrasonic ear-drum killing noise, i’ve turned down the treble, even feedback, but don’t wish to really take the decay out of my sounds any more as its not helping and not the sound i want. These are pretty long decays, but nothing that extreme, these long decays are why many use the space and don’t have this issue.

      I run in an ac30cc1 effects loop, I’ve already set the level switches to ‘line’ (the amp’s fx loop is set -10db) because i was getting a clip light sometimes.

      But the ‘thunder’ sound happens when using my lunchbox amp too. I don’t think the high pitched feedback does though.

      I run the amp as clean as possible on the preamp, but suppose i could turn down a little. My pedals have quite a bit of level difference, but its necessary to fit the band mix.

      I think i have a version 4 update. I could go to 5 but I don’t see any info that it does anything other than compatability with a new app?

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      Eventide Staff

      I suspect that the problem is something in your rig. To confirm this one way or the other, connect your guitar to the Space and then the Space to the guitar input, with no other connections (except power). If it still does it, contact However, my guess is that it won't. But, I've been wrong.


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      I think this has been tried. I’ll give it another go, maybe through a hi-z line-in on a mixer, bass amp etc., but is not too different to when other pedals are off. It happens with some boost particularly but its set to line, that shold cover those extra decibels, and certainly clean playing. I thought it could be the effects loop, but preamp is set pretty low and i’ve tried it through a lunchbox too. It seems it just doesn’t like high input, since i’m already having to run it switch to ‘line in/out’ (perhaps is better before the preamp which i’ll try), but no one else reports this…

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      Sometimes I face the same problem with my H9. And also using shimmer.

      It´s like it freezes receiving the signal and keeps sustaining it in a very high signal input. When it happens, I have to restart the pedal, because if I bypass it, it stops, but when activates ir again, the crazy thunder sounds are still there.

      I have no clue about what it could be. The signal path is guitar -> pod hd pro -> (dry out) -> H9 -> mixer -> amp.

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      When I’ve run into “thunder” or “squealing” conditions that build up over time, it’s been due to a high feedback / recirculation setting.  When pitch shifting is inside the feedback loop routing, it can shift higher (or lower) each time it travels around the circuit.  Eventually, the signal will reach the upper / lower limits of the device bandwidth, and continue to circulate.  It can also happen with a little noise or hum in the signal chain that gets fed back, and builds up gradually.

      I’m not saying that’s what’s happening here to everyone, but it’s one thing to look into.  The Feedback / Echo Level parameter doesn’t have to be 100-110 for this to happen.  Depending on the algorithm and related parameters, sometimes it can be set as low as 90, or 85.  In my high-feedback looping presets, I’ll program a HotSwitch or expression pedal to “reset” the Feedback loop to low values, and then back up again where I want it.

      It’s a good compromise for balancing the high regeneration levels that I need from the preset, and the tendency / potential to build up unwanted artifacts over time.

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      I figured this could be the issue. The feedback is also reliant on the amount of gain, just like microphone feedback i suppose. I could set different decays for each pedl i switch on but I was hoping this wasn’t a necessity…..the problem goes, i start off with a clean ‘synth pad’ sound that is suited to clean signals, yet i’ve already been conservative with the amount of decay….then i step on the boost, then the drive, then a fuzz (usually not all my pedals, but i gain-stage on my board)..

      …and thus i’d need a different preset for each gain….which is needing of expression pedals or some midi looper unless i want to footdance.

      Only asking because nothing else i have does this, except a broken ukrainian delay unit i was using on the wrong settings. A few EHX delays and reverbs, alesis midiverb, whatever happens to be on the PA sometimes, various cheap delay pedals too, including my own ‘shimmer’ setups using feedback loopers (with pitch and reverb) don’t do it!. I just hoped that something was wrong with the unit.

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