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Thanks for your replies. It’s unfortunate that these types of CC messages can’t be embedded in H9 presets. I do employ a midi controller/bypass looper in my rig but despite the unit’s array of nifty features it’s not capable of sending Midi CC. (It only does Program Change.) I’d hoped the H9 could provide the CC capability I’m lacking. I am at least able to achieve the solo boost via a Midi Solutions Footswitch Controller that “injects” the CC instructions for the Machete’s effects loop into the midi stream. In some respects this is better than having dedicated (boosted) patches for solos and and dedicated (unboosted) patches for rhythm; because a global volume boost can be applied to any patch at any time you kind of get “double-duty” out of all your patches. Downside is the Holy Grail of a midi-fied guitar rig — transitioning between radically different sounds with a single button press — kind of gets degraded as it sometimes takes two presses (one for the program change, another to add the boost) to get into solo mode and two more to get back out. Oh well…

Is is possible to configure the H9’s Active/Bypass switch to send a CC value? I’m wondering if I could at least toggle my amp’s built-in reverb on when the H9 is in bypass and and off when the unit is active? I find that (with a lot of the H9 patches at least) there’s enough “ambience” in the sound already that when added to the amp’s native verb it can muddy things up a bit. I’d need to send a value between 0-63 on controller #84 to toggle the amp’s reverb off and a value between 64-127 to reactivate it.