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I have 2 h9s that I control with a midi audio looper labeled mAx control model FCX-8 , this thing work as well as any othe controllers out there, I have a vol and expression pedals in the chain, the expression pedal was wired straight to the first h9 (1/4″ jack).
It occurred to me the other day that I wanted to control on one preset the 2 Lagos on the 2 h9 at the same time, but I only have 1 expression pedal….I am new to the midi thing, but reading about it I discovered that I could assign the pedal to either one or both h9s through cc messages.
The controller has 2 expression pedal inputs, I took it out of the h9 and plugged into exp pedal1, in the menu I made it active and in the intended preset also, assigned cc#2, and followed instructions on how to set the expression pedal on the h9.
The controller sends some kind of message, as the h9 shows a value# when the preset is selected, however I get not expression control, only when is plugged in directly into the h9.
Does anyone have an idea of what is wrong with this set up?