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Thanks for your input, Brock. Actually I’ve been discussing the prospects for the Event Processor with John at Midi Solutions. (He’s a great dude.) I’ve been experimenting a bit with Midi Solution’s programming software; so far I haven’t found a means to acheive what I’m after but admittedly I need to do more work with it before I’ll know if the Event Processor is the answer I’m seeking. In a scheme like mine it amounts to mapping three events to every preset: the pass-through PC, plus CC events for the effects loop and reverb on/off. The Event Processor Plus’ 32 settings won’t go too far unless I can find some way to get these events to operate on multiple presets.

Unfortunately, I must report that the H9 will not power any of the Midi Solutions boxes. John tipped me off to this fact and I have verified this first-hand. Most midi devices (re: those that fully adhere to the Midi Specification) have 5V available but not the H9. I was forced to order a Midi Solutions Power Adapter to rectify that issue. Felt a bit let down again with my H9…the bloom is definitely off the rose at this point!

On the upside, the Midi Solutions boxes fit pretty much perfectly in the recessed slot between the second and third slats on the underside of my Pedaltrain 3. (I will post a pic once I have my new pedalboard fully wired and assembled.) At this point I’m considering using all three of my Midi Solutions boxes (Relay, Footswitch Controller and Power Adapter) and if it wasn’t for this lucky coincidence I would be hard pressed to find room for them on/under my board! Can’t say anything about fitment on other Pedaltrain boards but if you’ve got a PT-3 its a nifty option.