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I have the same problem. The latest version of the updater you posted doesn't seem to be working either.


The Logo just keeps on bouncing up and down in my dock and never opens.


I only have one macbook i can use, so please help me find a solution!

AlexandervdK, I apologize for not responding to your post earlier. It's been in the back of my mind to do so, but I was tied up with other things last week. I'm sorry to hear that the latest build didn't fix the Yosemite problem; I was optimistic it would. Could you do me a favor, and open the Terminal application. It's under Applications/Utilities, and then, copy and paste the following commands into the terminal? This first one will try to launch the updater. Does it launch this way and if not does it print anything to the terminal? /Applications/Eventide Direct Updater.app/Contents/MacOS/Eventide Direct Updater These commands will describe the permissions that the app was installed with. Do you think you could either copy and paste their output back to this forum post or email them to me at my username plus @eventide.com? ls -la /Applications | grep Eventide Direct Updater ls -la /Applications/Eventide Direct Updater.app/Contents/MacOS/