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now I have a new problem. I tryed your new build under osx 10.9.5, it works.

I tryed to update, the timefactor starts to erase, but after a while it says " Bad !!!" in the display and switched back to "ready.."

and now,…. updater shows me a "-invadid" device !

frabo, what that means is that the updater was trying to send a chunk of the update file to the stompbox, and the stompbox rejected what it received as being invalidly formatted. Sometimes, this can mean that there was a transmission error, and if you try again, it will work the next time. In your case unfortunately it's not showing you the updates anymore so you can't just try again. We'll need to email you the update file. So, could you copy and paste your forum post into an email to support@eventide.com? In this email it would be helpful if you could let us know if you have a Windows computer as well. If so, we might want to send you not only the update file but also an alternative Windows based updater.