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Well, H9 Control has all of the presets from Space bundled into it.  Any preset that starts with an 'F' (e.g. F1 Spring) is a Factory preset.  Factory presets cannot be changed.  So, if you find the factory preset for the preset you want to revert, you can be sure that it's still in its original unaltered state.  So, you could find the factory presets for the presets you want to revert and just resave them to your Space.  In H9 Control you'd go into the Preset screen with your Space connected and press the Save button.  That will then ask you if you want to save the preset to your Space and which preset index on your Space.  You can also do this in the Preset List screen.  The steps would be a little different but the result the same.  You'd click on the icon representing your Space to look at the preset list on your Space.  You'd click on the preset you want to revert twice to go into the preset view screen.  You'd click on the Factory preset you want to assign to that preset list position and you'd click on the save button to save your change.