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I had the same problem. I took upon myself to open the unit and see what I could do about it (I’m normally utterly useless when it comes to fixing things). It turned up super easy to fix.

Here are some photos I took.


1. unscrew the back of the unit. I can’t remember the exact screwdriver I used, but make sure it fits tightly to the screws, because the screw threads give way very easily if forced. Set all the small pieces aside.

2. This is the unit without the back panel. Take a deep breath, because you now need to remove the printed circuit.

It’s probably the trickiest part. You have to levy the circuit (I used a small screwdriver to do this), but don’t pull it too much, because there are all manners of cables connecting it to the rest of the unit. What you see on the picture below is my trembling hand trying to remove the thing. Notice that you have to slide it upwards.

3. Now you have to reconnect the ribbon cable connecting the circuit and the rest of the unit. On the picture below, you can see that cable sitting idly at the bottom. I chose to disconnect it entirely and then reconnect it. Be gentle when you pull it away, the mirror thing next to it hides all the connectors to the knobs and you don’t want to move them too much. You can see the ribbon cable connector in the middle of the printed circuit.

Once it’s reconnected, simply put everything back together, and enjoy. It fixed my glitching pitchfactor, and now I use it live with no fear of bugs messing with my sound. The glitches disappeared for good.

Hope it helps!