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I just called phone support and was very disappointed that they wouldn't patch me through to a live human being, given that I just spent a whackload of money on a brand new H9 Max that doesn't work.

Well, there is one advantage to doing things in writing which is the right people will see and respond to your questions. Eventide is not going to have the engineers who designed the products manning the phones but they will respond to emails and forum posts when needed.

I cannot connect my H9 to the H9 Control app on my iPhone or iPad.

There are two steps to getting your H9 connected to H9 Control. First you need to go into the Settings app and the Bluetooth settings section and pair with the H9, and then, when you launch H9 Control, it should "see" the H9 and connect with it. Which step isn't working correctly? The pairing or the connecting step?

Just in case you're unfamiliar with the process, here's a tutorial video showing someone setting this up on an iPad: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I7N5IONscgs&index=8&list=PLhT2MsSeKiDw6X56B_cfGPhD4GeBd3MA4