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I can connect on the phone, but once that happens, it asks me whether I want to allow the H9 App to connect with the H9. I click “allow.” Then the H9 App launches and gives me the error “Device Disconnected! The H9 Device [my sn] was disconnected.

Hm. That’s bad news. We’ve seen that behavior in the past when an H9’s Bluetooth chip is misaligned on the board. We changed our testing procedure recently to catch that particular problem, but unfortunately, it seems like you have an H9 that made it through before we changed our testing procedure. At this point you’ll need to get in touch with us at support@eventide.com if you want to send it in to us to fix it. Or you could return it to the store you bought it from for a replacement. I’m sorry for the inconvenience this is going to cause you. We all hate it when problems like this come up.