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HotSwitch resets can get flaky sometimes.  When in Learn mode, I always swing far above & below the targeted value before dialing in the reset value.  It seems to improve the success rate for wiping out the stored value.  In other words:

  • HotSwitch ON:  See which of the ten parameters have already been programmed (if any).  For example, MOD-LEVEL in the Hall algorithm is programmed to 50.
  • HotSwitch OFF:  Make note of the unswitched value of the same parameter.  MOD-LEVEL = 25.
  • HotSwitch Learn:  Turn the MOD-LEVEL parameter to the extremes (100 … 0) before landing on the unswitched value (25).  Press the CTRL key (or Mac equivalent) with the mouse action to help zoom in on exact values. 

At that point, HotSwitch OFF & ON should be reset to the same parameter values (no HotSwitch programming).  Occasionally, I’ll still see some kind of random HotSwitch action introduced, on a previously unaffected & untouched parameter.  Those are hard to shake, but persistence pays here.

I’ve gotten into the habit of “auto-saving” presets as I program them.  Then begin any expression pedal or HotSwitch programming as a final tweak.  It’s easier to revert back to a previous version if any HotSwitch programming starts getting stubborn.