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The Hotswitch progamming function is extremely erratic and inconsistant, period. If it takes a master effects programmer such as Brock numerous attempts to get even partial results, something is seriously wrong with the whole execution of the hotswitch function.

Nick Rose has now posted more than once here that the Eventide staff themselves do not agree on or fully understand the hotswitch funtions, how to precisely program the hotswitch functions, or even how to completely and properly explain how to program the hotswitch functions without errors and inconsistancies.

I personally have twenty years of experience programming and using top of the line rack effects units as well as stompboxes and I simply gave up after a dozen attempts to get the hotswitch programming to cooperate. It is a shame that a potentially extremely useful fundamental feature of the H9 is virtually useless.

Again this points out the fact that there never seems to be a leader, a manager, a supervisor, a chief responsible for overseeing the development, production, support, and most importantly clear, non-defensive, non-sarcastic communication with the customer base regarding all aspects of owning and using the H9. What a shame it is that the whole management scheme – or lack of it – at Eventide consistantly serves to cripple what could be a truly great, instead of partially-executed almost-great, product. Having a talented team of designers and technicians is pointless unless there is a single sharp, highly skilled leader coordinating all efforts and ensuring continuity and completion of concept, execution, and customer support.