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Home Forums Products Stompboxes How to reset HotSwitch actions on H9? Reply To: How to reset HotSwitch actions on H9?

Eventide Staff

I am sorry. I believe that you misunderstand me. My post expressed a personal view that we have too many Hot functions, as demonstrated by the fact that I was foolish enought to confuse them.

That aside, it is certainly possible that there are flaws in the HotSwitch operation. But, since this first mention of the problem on the forum  was many years after the product was launched, my guess is that this is not troubling many people.

It would be helpful if you could give us a clear statement of the problems – this is the only way we can fix them, since we believe it works as specified. You are certainly not obliged to do this – if you paid for the product you can reasonably hope for its flaws to be fixed.

Mr Brock's thoughtful comments are helpful and will assist our developers to improve the product.