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TJ7, by chance what do you have your bypass mode set to?  Ever since I changed it to DSP+FX my Timefactor started doing that.  I couldn’t stop it, and if the pedal was engaged it omitted a high-pitch whine from my amp.

Once I changed the bypass mode back to DSP it’s been fine ever since.  I never had that problem before or after that change.

I came here about to start my own thread for this, then saw yours.  I hope someone from Eventide will chime in here…

Here’s my order of events:

Changed the bypass mode to DSP+FX, then that EXACT problem occurred.  I already had the newest firmware installed.  I forget the version number off hand, but suffice it to say I’m VERY good about keeping my Timefactor and Pitchfactor up to date.

I performed a full factory reset.  I have all my settings back up so this wasn’t a concern.  The pedal seemed fine–at first.  After a minute or two, it started glitching again.

Next, I did another reset, then I reinstalled the latest firmware.  The firmware installed fine, and I then re-copied all of my presets back to the Timefactor.  I thought it was fine until the next day when the glitching returned.

Finally, I tried changing the bypass mode back to just DSP, and I’ve not had a problem since, and it’s been 3 days.  Not a deal-breaker for me, as I don’t care all that much about the bypass mode as long as the pedal works.  

How long is the warranty on these?  I bought mine new from Sweetwater in May of 2014.  As long as the trouble doesn’t return I’m content with it.

Tj7, try changing your bypass mode and see if it helps.  It ‘fixed’ mine.