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yes 🙂


2 things:

– output of crushstation doesn’t seem to match output of other FXs available in H9 max, I have to boost output with “output level” control in crushstation up to 9db to match other FXs

– maybe it’s just my unit, but I experienced weird behavior while testing crushstation – something like light clip with crack noise when I touched strings, occured only on attack of the played note – I had to switch back and forth to other algo and back to crushstation. disappeared for now when I rebooted H9.


so far I like, not familiar with different distortion types, still strugling with getting EQ to sound “right” or anywhere near to what I’m used to from amps higain sounds (selectable mid freq is powerfull, I’m trying to find sweet spot), but sustain, sag, octaves and grit controls are really cool featores. initially, I wasn’t a fan of an idea – Eventide making distortion algo for H9, but you really did great job again!