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ok thanks for the quick reply. Have it now! Forgot to reinstall the H9 Control. Only did the software update. Been playing with it for 45 minutes now. Will do some more testing on full volume tomorrow (it’s night here so I don’t want to wake up my neighbours). I like what I hear so far.

Some first impressions:

1) the gate is pretty heavy. Is there a way to set the amount of gate?

2) really like the octave options. Would be nice to be able to have the octaves soloed too (without your normal signal I mean)

3) I like the bluesy sounds with less drive the best so far.

4) would be nice to have a simple delay build inside the algo so you won’t need an extra pedal.

Maybe I am asking too much. Don’t want to sound ungrateful and I am already happy with the Crushstation!!