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2 things:

– output of crushstation doesn't seem to match output of other FXs available in H9 max, I have to boost output with "output level" control in crushstation up to 9db to match other FXs

– maybe it's just my unit, but I experienced weird behavior while testing crushstation – something like light clip with crack noise when I touched strings, occured only on attack of the played note – I had to switch back and forth to other algo and back to crushstation. disappeared for now when I rebooted H9.

– Re: boosting.  Stating the obvious, but bare with me…..Most distortion pedals have separate gain and volume knobs to deal with the varying types of input.  E.G. A Les Paul into a dirt boxt is going to sit on the distortion transfer curve differently than a telecaster, etc.  So you'll get different distortion levels and gains depending on the input with the same settings.  With Digital Distortion we can some degree correct for this, this why we can get away with not having a wild range on the Output Gain to accound for low levels of Drive.  We try to account for a range of inputs, but in the end it's still a Distortion, so some degree of adjusting the Output Gain seems normal.  You could also try adjusting the input Gain and trying different levels of Sustain (Pre or Post).   

-Re: the light clip.  Did it have anything to do with the Sustainer? Large values of  Pre or Post Sustain will create that "pop" or "spank" effect similar to an Orange Crush compressor or MXR type Compression.  Of course the compression/sustain characteristics are also input signal dependent, so you'll need to tune to taste.