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I have been playing and tweaking the crushstation for some hours. I think it is a really versatile overdrive/distortion. Didn’t like the stock presets so much at first but it started coming alive for me when I started making my own sounds. I have tried to model the sound of my Brunetti Mercury box (which is a drive predal that I really like) and I think I came close.

In general I like low to medium drive sounds, not so much the heavy distortion sounds. Also I think it sound really cool for bass guitar. With the blend/mix and the grit you can still keep the lows of your normal sound intact.

About the output level ‘problems’ some of you experience: I think it has to do with the settings of the sustainer. When set in the middle (0%, so no sustainer/compressor) you have to boost the output level. But when you dial the sustainer to the left or right the volume increases very much. So your total volume totally depends on the settings you have made with the sustainer.

I am still not quite what sounds the best for sustainer: pre or post. Or what the exact difference is soundwise. Any tips on that?