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Just posted this over at thegearpage.net


Ok, first off I am an eventide fan, I’ve owned a bunch of the pedals and currently have the Space and the H9 core. 


But this H9 update is testing my patience – really frustrated by the whole experience today.


Here’s the sequence of events and my failure points. YMMV.


1. New algo announced – crushstation. Sounds cool! Rush home to download, naively assuming it would just appear as a new algo among all H9 algos on the Control app. WRONG.


2. Find out I have to (a) update H9 control app on **all devices** (I have an iPhone, an iPad, and a mac with h9 control), and then (b) update firmware on H9 pedal. WOW. 


3. So I download the new control app for the laptop (not from app store, btw). H9 control app is not an “official” mac app – you download from direct link on eventide.com. So after downloading .dmg, it won’t open because the app isn’t from a recognized/registered developer (!). WTF Eventide?! (Workaround: if you hold down the mac control key and click on the app, the secondary menu appears and allows you to open the app.) So, control app installed on mac – but how many people failed at this step?


4. Go to iPhone to update Control app. Seemed to go ok. Opened the app, connected to device. So far so good (for now, I will set aside the fact that the iPhone app in no way is designed as a native app, the UI does not conform to iOS UI standards, menus, interactions, etc. WTF eventide?! It just comes off as shoddy engineering IMHO).


5. Try to update firmware on H9 from iphone. Get error message. (screen cap: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kkbh93kasamacp7/H9_error.png?dl=0)


6. Try cycling the power on device, and cycle off/on bluetooth on iPhone. Same error message. Device hangs with message “ERASE” on screen. SCARY.


7. Switch to mac laptop. Cycle power on H9, and try and connect via bluetooth. The app hangs when I click “connect via bluetooth” and device is unresponsive.




I hope others have a better experience.




Disappointed eventide customer.