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H9 control app is not an "official" mac app – you download from direct link on eventide.com.

We can’t put H9 Control in the AppStore with its PayPal integration; Apple won’t allow it. And we need to support Windows as well. So, we chose to integrate the desktop builds with PayPal instead of Apple’s payment solution.

So after downloading .dmg, it won’t open because the app isn’t from a recognized/registered developer

H9 Control is signed, but you will see that message on some versions of OSX, mainly 10.9.5. The underlying reason is that Apple changed their signing framework, Gatekeeper. It’s not worth going into the details of the problems that caused us and others.

the iPhone app in no way is designed as a native app, the UI does not conform to iOS UI standards, menus, interactions

It’s not a “native” iOS app. We needed to support Windows as well, and the iPhone app is built off the same shared code base as the desktop versions.

Try to update firmware on H9 from iphone. Get error message.

Alright, please send an email to support@eventide.com mentioning you’re having problems updating your H9. We will likely need you to try updating via USB. In your email please include the following information. What sort of computer(s) do you have access to for updating with what OS version(s)? And when you power your H9 on does the display light up immediately or is there a 10 second delay until the display lights up?