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wedelich wrote:

I took a look a this preset.  The basic preset values are just set up to be very loud.  The Output Volume is set at 4 dB and the Sustain is full blast Post Distortion at 100.  Post Sustain tends to add volume b/c it’s a compressor that is adjusting threshold, ratio, output gain, and attack/release all on one knob in an attempt to provide a long lasting sustain at a nominal volume level.  Best bet to preserve the sound of the preset is just turn down the Output Gain to something like -6 dB or whatever works for you. You could also turn do the amount of Post Sustain.  In general, a little bit of clip light on the attacks of notes should be OK.  

Also, that Post Sustain was designed at the extreme ends to do that spanky compressor attack you would get from an Orange Crush or MXR compressor pedal.  

Thanks for the info. That got me pointed in the right direction…

I finally had a chance to sit down and dive into this a little more with my iPad. I messed around with the parameters in real time and what I found is this:

If I have the Sustain turned up to about the 3 o’clock postion or above and then add in any amount of Sag, I will get clipping at the initial attack (even if the guitar volume is low). At least now I know what to tweak.

What I find really strange however, is that the clipping that I experienced with this particular preset on Monday and Tuesday morning was much more intense than when I sat down today with the pedal this evening. (e.g. fret noise would cause it and the clipping would last for the length of a sustained note, again even at low guitar volume). I wasn’t the only one to experience this. Like I said, I brought my pedal into the store where I work so the staff could demo the new algorithm and we all noticed the same thing. Maybe the bits needed a chance to settle in? wink