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spaceJam wrote:

Adamixoye wrote:

I would love to see:

  • A pattern tremolo (like Line6 M-series or Strymon)

Playing with “DEPTH MOD”, “SPEED MOD” and “MOD RATE” in the TremoloPan algorithm can give you some patterns. It also dependes on the “SPEED” knob.

Also, the Harpeggiator algorithm has some interesting stuff, add an expression pedal and you can get even more interesting results.


I second the “More synth”.


@Web staff:

THANKS FOR THE QUOTE FUNCTION, it is starting to feel like a modern forum now.

I’ve tried to make that work using TremoloPan, with limited results.  Using the S-Mod just doesn’t give the control and customization that you get with even the Line6 units (which I own) or which seem to be possible with the Strymons (which I have never owned).

Agree about the quote function!