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Roberto, here is what I use for Breathe (great song, btw).  I hope you like it.  I use the phaser algo, not the rotary.  

OP, I agree, the Rotary Algo could use an update.  I really like to use Rotary sounds when I can get it to sound good.  The best I have gotten so far is to use one H9 on rotary and one H9 on Comp/EQ “telephony” preset.  That gets me some of the Leslie-sounding distortion.  




roberto marini wrote:

Hi, please someone can me suggest how I have to setting rotary on mod-facor to obtain a guitar effect like that of David Gilmoure on breathe (dark side of the moon – rhitmic guitar)? I’m trying to do it, but I don’t be able….


Thanks in advance for your support,