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you can check out my post on G2-dual h9’s- stereo-dual amps-dual fx loops. I think if you have invested in h9’s your next step should be a quality footcontroller. You can run one in your loop if its instrument level if its not have one installed like the metro amp loop, thats what I did.then you have lots of options

1. run 1 h9 in stereo ( as long as footcontroller has a stereo 4 in/out loop)

2,run the other h9 pre/post into your footcontroller. I place pich/octave in loop 1 fuzz in loop 2 and h9 pre in loop 3 . then you can place h9 in last loop for post.

3. use 910/949 EVH preset in stereo then your analog distortion then the other h9 thats in pre post can bring in some phaser or flanger.

tons of options


now you can run fuzz with pre h9 phaser for example or your analog distortion pedal with h9 stereo reverb or delay.

of course stereo really needs 2 amps…its only $  but once you go stereo you will not want to use mono anymore 🙂