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otisdogwfwf1 wrote:

I was exited to hear about crush station, but I can't upgrade my iPad as its a first generation. I can't enjoy the new algorithm . Please help

Apple made everybody start building against iOS 8 with 64 bit support in June.   H9 Control still runs fine on iOS 5 when its built just for arm7 (and without the 64 bit part), and the AppStore is actually supposed to strip out the 64 bit part when delivering the app to a device like the first generation iPad that doesn't need it.  So, we think should be able to continue to work on the iPad 1.  BUT we did make a build about a year ago with both the arm7 and the 64 bit parts, and it didn't work on first generation iPads.  And Apple approved it anyway, which broke H9 Control on everyone's first generation iPad.  So, we've written Apple and we're trying to clarify how we can be sure that a build is going to work on first generation iPads.  The fact that the AppStore does some special process to a release and we don't have a way to reproduce that process ourselves and verify that it works is problematic.  We marked the current build as compatible only with iOS 6 and above, because we didn't want to break H9 Control on first generation iPads and not have a way to release an update that would fix the problem.