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That breakdown of harmony notes has me confused.  But if you need “always four notes higher”, you can use one of the parallel harmony algorithms  (non-diatonic, with static intervals).  In the H910/H949, it’d be Pitch A/B set to 1.335 (Pitch Control on Chromatic).  For the Harmodulator, Pitch A/B at +P4.  You could also use Crystals, with Pitch A/B dialed to 500c.

Each of the algorithms above will bring its own unique flavor and features to the pitch processing.  Or perhaps stick with the Diatonic algo and C Mixolydian?  I haven’t thought that last suggestion through, but if you restrict your input to that 5-note scale …  At any rate, I’ll help you get there, if it’s possible.  I just need to be clear on exactly what you need here, harmony-wise.