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Here’s another way to ‘gate’ with the H9 / PitchFactor without compression.  I’d posted these presets before, but it seemed appropriate to resurrect them again here.  Use the Flex / Performance switch to toggle your input signal in and out.  If you’re using an expression pedal to Flex, a ‘normally open preset’ like this toggles OFF very close to the Toe position (a 97-100 value out of 100).


Be careful using the ‘normally closed’ variation of this preset.  You may end up troubleshooting your ‘board; trying to figure out where you “lost” your input signal.  (I’ve done it.  Drove me crazy.)  When using an expression pedal for this preset, the ON range (0-3 of 100 values) is very close to the Heel position.  That makes it easy to rapidly toggle between OFF & ON states.