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      … and several algorithm categories that can use or emulate components of compression.  The Omnipressor control over the DynaVerb algo is a prime example. capable of a wide variety of effects.

      This GATE CRASHER preset simulates an EHX Freeze technique [Fast toggle – instant attack & instant decay].  Use it with chords for synthesizer ‘orchestra hits’, or palm-muted to bring back memories of the ubiquitous ’80’s drum sound.  The relatively high THRESHOLD setting ensures that most – but not all – notes get the gated ‘verb treatment.

      Expression Pedal Heel  MIX  30

      Expression Pedal Heel  ATTACK  0.002 S

      Expression Pedal Heel  RELEASE 0.005 S

      Expression Pedal Toe   MIX  85

      Expression Pedal Toe   ATTACK  0.200 S

      Expression Pedal Toe   RELEASE  0.750 S

      HotSwitch Off  GATED

      HotSwitch On  OMNI-RATIO  1.00

      The expression pedal mappings lengthen the compression envelope times in a wetter mix.  It blends toward a softened ambient room.  Still gating, but with rounded edges. The 1:1 ratio on the HotSwitch effectively disables the gate effects, and brings up a brighter large room.



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      Featuring the wonderfully unique dynamic reversal of the Omnipressor.  COMET TRAIL PATH is a medium room ‘verb with a slow attack, and long decay.  It begins to bloom between your input notes (OMNI-RATIO).  The reverb is cut off by further input, and ‘re-triggered’ by very low – or near silent – levels (THRESHOLD).  A relatively short RELEASE time smooths out the tails.

      Expression Pedal Heel  SIZE  100

      Expression Pedal Toe    SIZE  0 

      HotSwitch Off  DECAY  10.0 S

      HotSwitch On  DECAY  INF

      The expression pedal accelerates & decelerates the comet speed as it flys by.  Or … it changes the apparent size and reflectivity of the medium room in a parked position.  The HotSwitch punches in an infinite reverb, which fades away nicely over 10 seconds when unlatched.  Combine both controls for hands-free manipulation of complex drones, and the accumulated wall of sound.


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      TRIGGER sets the gate’s input sensitivity in UltraTap’s CHOP multi-parameter.  The RELEASE time for the gate is at its shortest setting.  The burst of TAPS creates a very short attack that quickly clamps down after 150 milliseconds (LENGTH).

      Expression Pedal Heel  LENGTH  150 mS 

      Expression Pedal Toe   LENGTH  4000 mS

      HotSwitch Off  MIX  80

      HotSwitch Off  SLURM  0

      HotSwitch Off  RELEASE  0

      HotSwitch On  MIX  30 

      HotSwitch On  SLURM  25 

      HotSwitch On  RELEASE  50 

      The expression pedal increases the maximum time span that contains the series of delay taps.    It sweeps through resonant tones, bow-scrapes, clipped delays, individual glitches, and slowdown effects without changes in pitch.  The HotSwitch brings up more dry signal, blurs the TAPS with some diffusion & modulation, and lengthens the time to gate closing.

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      Short DELAYs and loads of FEEDBACK form metallic resonances that only kick in after note decay.  Some fretboard techniques (vibrato, etc.) can also coax the tubular sounds out of the gate.  These long flutter echoes will eventually decay; thanks to the value of the inline FILTER inside the FEEDBACK loop(s).  Bump up the DELAY times for ping-ponging effects.

      Expression Pedal Heel  FILTER  35

      Expression Pedal Toe    FILTER  100 

      The expression pedal mapping is there to ‘fade out’ the extreme feedback, with increasingly darker echoes, through nearly inaudible delays.  As always, the REPEAT performance switch freezes the delay buffers, while blocking further input.  Here, it produces infinite tubing and droning ‘pitches’.

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      Here’s another way to ‘gate’ with the H9 / PitchFactor without compression.  I’d posted these presets before, but it seemed appropriate to resurrect them again here.  Use the Flex / Performance switch to toggle your input signal in and out.  If you’re using an expression pedal to Flex, a ‘normally open preset’ like this toggles OFF very close to the Toe position (a 97-100 value out of 100).


      Be careful using the ‘normally closed’ variation of this preset.  You may end up troubleshooting your ‘board; trying to figure out where you “lost” your input signal.  (I’ve done it.  Drove me crazy.)  When using an expression pedal for this preset, the ON range (0-3 of 100 values) is very close to the Heel position.  That makes it easy to rapidly toggle between OFF & ON states.


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      The low THRESHOLD and extreme inverse compression settings (OMNI-RATIO) break up the trailing reverb in unpredictable ways.  Clamp down on your notes, and you may hear long bursts of ambience, sliced & diced reflections, or nothing at all.

      There’s nothing natural about REVERB FRAGMENTS:

      Expression Pedal Heel  DECAY  10.0 S

      Expression Pedal Heel  SIZE  0 

      Expression Pedal Toe    DECAY  2.5 S

      Expression Pedal Toe    SIZE  100  

      HotSwitch Off  ATTACK  0.002 S

      HotSwitch On  ATTACK  0.200 S

      The expression pedal further decimates the reverb with pitch shifts & changing room characteristics. It can introduce subtle effects; all the way up to total chaos. The HotSwitch toggles from the instant onset of dynamic reversal, to a gradual fade-in of shattered FX.

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      I’m technically cheating here, but many of the H9 / ‘Factor algorithms can mimic envelope and gating characteristics without an integrated compressor.  Besides, I’ve always been a sucker for these Poltergist / Hendrix type of effects, when used sparingly. 

      Expression Pedal Heel Position

      Expression Pedal Heel  MOD-LEVEL  0

      Expression Pedal Toe   MOD-LEVEL  100


      The expression pedal mapping simply folds in the depth of modulation.  One favorite technique is to set TEMPO ON, then play to the reverse reverb in a call-and-response manner.  With precise timing, it’s easy to create complex & overlapping phrases out of sparse input.    Pauses are followed by a sudden ‘gate’ after DECAY time completion.

      Tempo Sync Phrasing [@ Expression Pedal Toe Position]

      Use the HotSwitch here to kick in an infinite dimensional SIZE, and also add a FEEDBACK loop around the entire algorithm.  Detuning and pitch bends can occur over time with expression pedal control over MOD-LEVEL.  A beautiful holding pattern pushing a wall of sound; one that churns and recycles.

      Disengaging the HotSwitch quickly brings up the reverse envelope once again, followed by the ‘gate’ slamming shut.

      HotSwitch On [Expression Pedal at Mid-Travel]

      HotSwitch OFF  SIZE  0

      HotSwitch OFF  FEEDBACK  0

      HotSwitch ON    SIZE  INF

      HotSwitch OFF   FEEDBACK 100

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      Thank you 🙂

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      Thanks, Brock more excellent examples of how to unlock the power inside of these algos!

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      I’m bumping this old thread because I never touched upon the Omnipressor mode without reverb.  Crazy-good.  It may be even more ‘tweak-able’ than a PigTronix Philosopher King, but the setup can be less obvious.  I use it for a variety of ‘dry’ envelope shapes.  Start out with the THRESHOLD control relatively high …  around -6.0 dB.  Then carefully  adjust the THRESHOLD for your own particular strength of pick / finger attack.  Fractional deciBels between -6.0 and 0.0 dB can make a big difference in the output.

      This preset starts out with a ‘slow gear’ effect, with a ramping attack & 1-second RELEASE time.  The expression pedal lengthens that envelope decay to 4 seconds.  Make adjustments to that ‘recovery’ time so that you don’t step on the next notes played.

      The HotSwitch shifts the envelope to fast attack + quick release.  Clipped, funky notes (plus a THRESHOLD that worked better for my picking style).  Combinations of HotSwitch’ed & expression pedal allow you to create many different envelope shapes on-the-fly.

      Expression Pedal Heel  RELEASE  1.00S

      Expression Pedal Toe   RELEASE   4.00 S


      HotSwitch OFF  ATTACK  0.200 S

      HotSwitch OFF  RELEASE  1.00 S

      HotSwitch OFF  THRESHOLD  – 6.0 dB

      HotSwitch  ON   ATTACK  0.002 S

      HotSwitch  ON   RELEASE 0.005 S

      HotSwitch  ON   THRESHOLD – 3.0 dB

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      Nice .. Do you have these presets saved on dropbox?

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