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The low THRESHOLD and extreme inverse compression settings (OMNI-RATIO) break up the trailing reverb in unpredictable ways.  Clamp down on your notes, and you may hear long bursts of ambience, sliced & diced reflections, or nothing at all.

There’s nothing natural about REVERB FRAGMENTS:

Expression Pedal Heel  DECAY  10.0 S

Expression Pedal Heel  SIZE  0 

Expression Pedal Toe    DECAY  2.5 S

Expression Pedal Toe    SIZE  100  

HotSwitch Off  ATTACK  0.002 S

HotSwitch On  ATTACK  0.200 S

The expression pedal further decimates the reverb with pitch shifts & changing room characteristics. It can introduce subtle effects; all the way up to total chaos. The HotSwitch toggles from the instant onset of dynamic reversal, to a gradual fade-in of shattered FX.