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TLongabaugh wrote:

Hi staticx-

Sorry to hear that the 64-bit version is not working. If you remove the x32 version of the plug-in so that Reaper only scans for the x64 version, does UltraChannel 64bit work then?

Additionally, it sounds like you are using Windows 10? Since that version of Windows was released recently, we have not yet had much of a chance to test compatibility of our plug-ins with it, so that could be an issue as well that we will look at in the future.




Thank you for your quick reply.

Reaper and other DAW’s cannot  see the  x64 plugin alone. only the x32 and only when I take the x64 out of the directory.

I’ll wait for a windows 10 compatible version then…


btw, it would be nice to have “uninstall” option for the plugin, instead of searching every *ultrac*.* file on pc, in case I want to reinstall…