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Eventide staff,

Thanks for reading and checking in.  I’d like to comment again.  I really don’t mean to sound contentious.  I like Eventide products a lot, and you have no obligation to provide a product just because the customers ask for it.  You make what you want to make, and we buy what we want to buy.  But to say there is “nothing to report” and “we are listening” isn’t anything new or helpful.  That is basically what Eventide said at the beginning of this thread more than a year ago.

I would like a nice Univibe effect.  I would rather not have to add another pedal to my board to get it.  It seems to make sense on the Modfactor and H9, but if you’re not going to do it, I would prefer that you just said that so I can move on.

  • Is Eventide even working on a Univibe effect to add to one of the existing products?  (Or a new product?)
  • Is Eventide unable to produce a satisfactoy Univibe effect for some reason?
  • Have you decided not to offer Univibe but just don’t want to make an announcement?

Just looking for clarity.  Thanks.