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I’m technically cheating here, but many of the H9 / ‘Factor algorithms can mimic envelope and gating characteristics without an integrated compressor.  Besides, I’ve always been a sucker for these Poltergist / Hendrix type of effects, when used sparingly. 

Expression Pedal Heel Position

Expression Pedal Heel  MOD-LEVEL  0

Expression Pedal Toe   MOD-LEVEL  100


The expression pedal mapping simply folds in the depth of modulation.  One favorite technique is to set TEMPO ON, then play to the reverse reverb in a call-and-response manner.  With precise timing, it’s easy to create complex & overlapping phrases out of sparse input.    Pauses are followed by a sudden ‘gate’ after DECAY time completion.

Tempo Sync Phrasing [@ Expression Pedal Toe Position]

Use the HotSwitch here to kick in an infinite dimensional SIZE, and also add a FEEDBACK loop around the entire algorithm.  Detuning and pitch bends can occur over time with expression pedal control over MOD-LEVEL.  A beautiful holding pattern pushing a wall of sound; one that churns and recycles.

Disengaging the HotSwitch quickly brings up the reverse envelope once again, followed by the ‘gate’ slamming shut.

HotSwitch On [Expression Pedal at Mid-Travel]

HotSwitch OFF  SIZE  0

HotSwitch OFF  FEEDBACK  0

HotSwitch ON    SIZE  INF

HotSwitch OFF   FEEDBACK 100