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1) The H9 was designed for use with iOS.

And there you have it then. This is a fundamental mistake. I can understand why this might happen, but it is never too late to reconsider a stance.

Here are some points I’d like to pose to you:

1. You used iOS-only tech, no one will want to port that (as you’ve learned). It also limits your future development to “iOS developers” instead of “developers”. You can probably understand how the latter is a more sustainable option. Cross-platform tech is always built to last longer specifically because it is already abstracting the platform from the source.

2. However much it hurts, considering point 1 and the fact that you clearly have a market that is chomping at the bit it would seem wise to start over and do it cross-platform. This also allows you to develop those skills for the future, since your future products will most likely build upon the current. Look at it as opening a market and doing an investment, you can even calculate what the projected winnings are relatively easily for the market. Considering that your devs will probably need to learn the skills for the next iteration anyway, why not do it now with an established design when there is no pressure, and then allow yourself to develop a potentially much better product in the next round?

This is not “a bunch of people whining” and not a potential loss … it’s an opportunity. An opportunity to gain new customers now almost for free and build better stuff in the future. This stuff is not hard if you’re serious about it. (this is why people with developing experience get mad at your current stance, it is simply illogical to them)