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I too am having the hardest time figuring out how to organize the order of presets I’ve created in a list on the iPhone. All these videos and manual clearly state that from the list page, I need to click the “Edit List” button at the top of the screen to then drag around the buttons to desired positions. Well, this button is non-existent on the iphone in this page. The only buttons that show at the top (in order) are Back  To Pedal  More   …even under “More” we have the following- Copy to user presets, copy preset, Paste preset (which is inactive for some reason), Swap presets (also inactive, and not sure why), Insert preset, delete preset, Rename Preset….

So, there’s no button called “Edit List” as far as I can see. Please help. 

I have a suggestion as well- from this page it would be amazing to just be able to hold my finger down on the preset buttons to actively drag them in this view, just like apps on the iPhone. I’ve tried holding my finger down on them, but nothing happens, and I can’t find this info anywhere- only iPad instructions, which seem to be much clearer.