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griffinsauce wrote:
SkyWriter wrote:
Not all developers would agree with you. Even if you had a post count greater than 1.

Haha, because post count is of course directly related to developing or business prowess.

It has a lot to do with whether you’ve been reading along with the rest of the folks, and interacting with the userbase, and with they might believe was right or wrong about choosing iOS over Android. Rather than sounding like a discontent with an axe to grind because they haven’t come out with an Android version yet – that’s the impression I get. They have iOS, OSX and even Widindows now. That’s three platforms so far, they have a job req open to do an Android port – or so I’m lef to believe – You choose to disregard the main point; they designed the H9 to work with iOS. Instead calling it a ‘mistake’. However, a prospective user chooses to believe how thhe product should have been designed you realy only have three choices:
1) buy it and deal with it – iPad2 can be easily had for $150.
2) go buy something else.
3) join the community in a positive way, perhaps evenn taking the proffered job, and do the work to make your drem come true.

Standing by the sidelines criticizing choises other people have made will just get you ignored – my posts not with standing.
Looking at the current state of the mobile music market; selecting iOS as the first mobile platform to bring the product out on is obvious.

In my previous work experience this kind of question is never revealed to the public:


What I’m very interested in is whether this was a concious business decision (ie. with research data to back it up) or a personal decision by one or more people.

At this point the answer serves no posiitive puurpose.