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SkyWriter wrote:
that’s the impression I get.

Your impression is wrong. I would love to buy this product, it is just simply not usable to it’s full potential to me due to a design decision that is simply illogical. I believe I am qualified to name it illogical due to my own experience developing apps in a sustainable way for several bussinesses.

SkyWriter wrote:
You choose to disregard the main point; they designed the H9 to work with iOS..

I don’t see how specifically addressing a main point is “disregarding” it.

SkyWriter wrote:
you realy only have three choices:

I very, very strongly disagree. Constructive critisism is a fourth and very valid choice. I’m offering insights into why developing an Android version could be a good business decision and why choosing to go iOS-only (by default apparently) is not. Sure I may be a bit blunt about it, but that is because I think Eventide’s decision is blunt, unless they convince me otherwise. I have by the way read many posts about this, the viewpoint has not changed.

By the way, buying an iPad to control a pedal or taking a random job are not valid choices, come on, be real.

SkyWriter wrote:
Looking at the current state of the mobile music market; selecting iOS as the first mobile platform to bring the product out on is obvious.

This is utterly ridiculous. You have no idea about this market, which is evidenced by the fact that you call it “mobile music market”  … this is not about mobile music. It is about allowing musicians to use the computing power they already have in their pocket to enhance your product. And guess what … a *lot* of people have Android in their pocket, believe it or not, like it or not, that is simply the truth. Whether they have statistics about the iOS/Android balance within their target market, you’re right, we will probably never know.

Also: only. Not first, but apparently, only. Otherwise it would be designed to be ported well, or built in a cross-platform way that requires only testing phases when one platform is released.